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A Chin Liposuction in Korea: Quick Facts You Should Know to Achieve a Refined Chin

A Chin Liposuction in Korea: Quick Facts You Should Know to Achieve a Refined Chin

A Chin Liposuction in Korea: Quick Facts You Should Know to Achieve a Refined Chin

Chin liposuction procedure is one of the best procedures for someone who has been struggling to get rid of excess fats under their chin. A double chin is unsightly for most people, especially adults. Still, no matter how much exercise you do, stubborn fats in the chin area are almost impossible to get rid of without the intervention of surgical procedures or machine treatments. In this case, chin liposuction is one of the less invasive surgical treatments that can help in eliminating a double chin. If you are someone who has been struggling with a double chin for a long time, then chin liposuction might be a good option.

What is Chin Liposuction?

Chin liposuction, also known as submental liposuction, is a procedure responsible for removing excess fats from the chin area. It involves the use of fat suctioning devices and small incisions made in the creases of the facial skin around the chin area. 

The best candidates for chin liposuction are those who: 

· have excess fats in the chin area that exercise, and diet cannot solve

· are physically and mentally healthy 

· have average body weight

· have elastic skin

· have realistic expectations on the result of the procedure and want to improve their appearance by getting rid of a double chin

Benefits of Chin Liposuction

Excess stubborn fats on the chin cannot be eliminated by exercise and massaging alone. If you want to get rid of a double chin, then chin liposuction is going to be the most effective in doing so. This procedure can offer several benefits, although not instantly, that are worth it in the long run. The benefits of chin liposuction include:

· Improved appearance especially in the chin area

· Can be done in conjunct with other plastic surgery procedures

· Gives long-term results (if appropriately maintained through stable weight) 

· Only one procedure is required as long as you know how to maintain the results

· A minimally invasive procedure that does not need a long recovery time 

How is a Chin Liposuction Procedure Done? 

A chin liposuction procedure requires great skill and precision from a board-certified plastic surgeon in eliminating the excess fats under the patient’s chin. The duration of a chin liposuction procedure takes around 30 minutes to one hour. Local anesthesia is usually used and sometimes paired with an IV sedation if necessary. The administration of local anesthesia comes first before the surgeon starts with the procedure. After doing so, they proceed with the following steps:

A Chin Liposuction in Korea: Quick Facts You Should Know to Achieve a Refined Chin
  1. A fat-dissolving laser is utilized in order to dissolve lipocytes in the targeted area before liposuction. This is generally done to help skin regeneration and collagen contraction, while also allowing the skin to lift.
  2. Afterward, a small incision will be made underneath the chin once the laser has liquefied the fat cells.
  3. Then a small tube made of stainless steel known as a cannula will be inserted through the incision site.
  4. Once they have inserted the tube, the doctor can remove the fats located between the skin and muscle.
  5. The fat is removed through a push-pull motion while the cannula suctions.
  6. Once they have removed all excess fats, they will stitch the incision and cover it with a bandage. They may also use a chin brace to make sure that the area of the surgery is protected.

Chin Liposuction Recovery

The healing time after the surgery depends on how fast your body recovers from these kinds of procedures. However, for most, it usually takes 2-3 weeks for them to recover, and for bruising and swelling to resolve. You are allowed and will find yourself capable to go back to work after 1-2 weeks of recovery. Although, it is advised that you should wait 4-6 weeks to participate in strenuous activities to avoid complications and trauma to the operated area. As after-surgery care, your doctor will instruct you to continue wearing the compression garment to help ease the swelling. You should also protect your face from the sun by covering up or applying liberal sunscreen. 

Chin Liposuction Before and After

Once the surgery has finished, the patient is required to stay in the hospital for another 2-3 hours to recover from the anesthesia and to receive care after surgical treatment. The result of the procedure may or may not be evident right away because of swelling and bruising, which will subside after several days or weeks. Once the chin area has healed fully, you will see visible results like the before and after pictures below. As seen on the patients after liposuction, the chin area looks more defined and refined, making them look younger. The contours of the lower face are also improved, thus showing the patient’s natural face shape. The results are long-lasting if the patients maintain their weight through exercise and proper diet because fat cells can regenerate if a healthy lifestyle and care with their diet are not monitored. 

A Chin Liposuction in Korea: Quick Facts You Should Know to Achieve a Refined Chin
A Chin Liposuction in Korea: Quick Facts You Should Know to Achieve a Refined Chin

Chin liposuction is a procedure that can get rid of a double chin that cannot be eliminated by exercise, massages, skincare, and diet alone. With the use of a fat-dissolving laser and a cannula to suction the fats found in the chin, you can reap the benefits of having a more defined chin that could improve your appearance. Also, since it is a minimally invasive and quick procedure, recovery time for bruising and swelling will only take 3-4 weeks with lesser downtime involved.

Chin liposuction not only gives the patient the benefit of an improved appearance, but it also shows long-lasting results with just one procedure. However, no matter how successful the procedure may be, if you do not put an effort in maintaining your weight and diet, then there is a huge possibility for a double chin to come back earlier. So, if you are someone who has been desiring to get rid of those pesky fats in your chin, contact Seoul Guide Medical through our website, and we will help you get rid of those excess fats so you may have a more defined chin area.


There is a huge possibility that you will not see the results right after the surgery because of swelling and redness. As a matter of fact, during the first few weeks, you could look bloated because of fluid retention and swelling. When the swelling starts to subside, you will begin to see the new appearance of your chin. Depending on the amount of fat removed, you should expect to see the final results within 1-3 months. 

A compression garment is necessary after having liposuction because it aids in the healing process. It also prevents further swelling and bruising as well as helps in contouring the chin area. For the compression garment to be fully effective, they recommended that you wear it 24/7 for 3-4 weeks.

Scars from chin liposuction are usually small and not visible since the surgeons make sure that they hide the incisions in the creases of the face. With proper care, some scars can also disappear on their own.

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